another mistake, LED strip from Radio Shack


Unlike the LED strips from item 306 from, only the tri-color ones from Radio Shack are programmable.

The single color LED strips from Radio Shack are just bright strip lights.

The Radio Shack ones requires 12 volts at 1 amp to work, but Radio Shack stores don’t have battery power items that put out the voltage and current needed.

Adafruit’s LED strip uses 5 volts at 120 miliAmps, and they do have the battery power items that can power these strips.

Radio Shack tri-color LED strip is setup to use 3 LEDS as one.

Adafruit tri-color LED strip are setup to use each LED individually.

So my heart felt advice is to avoid the LED strips at Radio Shack. Don’t waste your money getting the ones from Radio Shack.

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