My attempts at arduino and ardx, CIRC-01, photos (P)


I got the LED to blink.

The circuit pattern doesn’t exactly fit the breadboard I have.

I’ll post my locations for things; using the a through f and 1-30 locations on the breadboard.

Kinda like a crossword puzzle, but no definitions.

I did get the light to blink.

first pin of the led: g9 on the breadboard
long pin of the led: g 10 on the breadboard
third pin of the led: g 11 on the breadboard
fourth pin of the led: g 12 on the breadboard

Arduino pin 13 connects to: j 10 on the breadboard

+ (plus) column connects to 5V DC on the arduino r3

- (minus) column connects to gnd next to the 5VDC on the arduino r3

I tried using the diagram, but it doesn’t fit the breadboard I have. The 2 pin headers is to hold the diagram in place. They don’t have any electrical function.

Powered up.

Green blink.

Zooming in to the arduino uno r3

Showing the pins and the row/column markers.

LED is in column G, each lead is on a different row.

Resister is in Column H and the – ( minus or negative column)

Close up of the arduino showing 5v and gnd next to it connecting over to the breadboard.

Close up showing arduino pin 13 follow the yellow lead over to the breadboard.

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